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Good evening Europe! Happy Eurovision 2023 to Everyone Everywhere! I offer you, yes, YOU, my nifty little Society6 shop…a new little venture with some excellent Eurovision-inspired goodies! Take a look and if your all-time favourite isn’t here, tell me, and I’ll see what I can do! Sieben sieben ai lyu lyu! Cha cha cha cha-cha cha cha! Persicaria ♥

my little society6 shop

Oh. Yes. I did have a Redbubble shop that I was very proud of. But. It seems Redbubble are in financial difficulties so THIS LINK DOESN’T WORK (but I’m leaving it here in the hope that some day soon it will):

my little redbubble shop

More info about what’s going on with Redbubble if you’re interested. You’re probably not:

redbubble and hells angels

redbubble share price falls

redbubble shares slammed

redbubble to make 14% of staff redundant