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Serbia 2022

Biti zdrava, biti zdrava, biti zdrava
Biti biti biti…

Your life is not complete without a KONSTRAKTA BATHMAT!


Guess who?

Last year I went to Australia Decides on the Gold Coast.

This was a new event for Australia: it simply followed the European model where various acts perform and one is chosen to represent Australia at Eurovision 2019. When I got home I made some ‘art’ – representations of the acts I liked with coloured card but I didn’t do much with them.  This year, with a big gap where Eurovision won’t be happening and lock downs in place,  I’ve taken the opportunity to create more ‘art’. Some evenings I put on a classic Eurovision DVD from a random year and make little paper works of some of the most iconic performances. You don’t need to be a Eurovision tragic to pick many of these but it helps to know a little bit about Eurovision.

So who are these acts? Do you know? Do you like them?

NUMBER 1: Recognise her? One of my all time favs. Well deserved second place.


NUMBER 2: Originality, moody, quality vocals: you often don’t get all three in Eurovision.


NUMBER 3: You’ll have to think back for this one, but totally iconic, don’t you think?

dana international

NUMBER 4: Here’s a challenge. Might need a clue or two for this one.


Hope you enjoy them! More to come.

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