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The Verkas

In 2020, I developed a new system of awarding points: the Verkas. Maybe I should patent it…

The Verka system goes like this:


One VERKA means there’s very little that grabs my attention but there’s something. Maybe it’s a terrible song but he’s wearing a nice hat. Or it’s a catchy chorus and that’s it.


Two VERKAS means that I might listen to it more than once.


Three VERKAS means a good song. If it’s a power ballad, it’s sincere and the lyrics are not complete rubbish. If it’s pop, it’s tight, original and instantly memorable.


Four VERKAS? Now we’re talking. This is a quality performance. The singer can sing. The staging is creative. It might even show tell-tale signs of originality.


Five VERKAS means an excellent performance. The moment it begins I am hooked. It’s something special. It might be mesmerising or dramatic. Or it might be hilarious. It’s an instant gut reaction: I will love this song forever. And five VERKAS means I will share the Youtube link because it deserves to be seen.

A simple system.  But as you know there are some dreadful Eurovision performances out there. Unfortunately on occasion I must award less than a VERKA but I try not to be cruel. There are bad years when I award NO VERKAS to multiple performers…hello, 2019. But then, there are years when there’s an abundance of VERKAS…like the fabulous 2007. Every so often I award a half VERKA:


Sometimes a quarter VERKA:


I do have an eighth of a VERKA up my sleeve but I’m not sure that I’ve had to use it yet:


Verka is starting to look like a slice of pizza so I’ll end here.