silly quiz

Let’s have some fun!

Warning: This is a silly quiz. A funny quiz. A tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek kind of quiz. You will NOT be asked whether Czech Republic appeared in Semi-Final 2 in 2011. Or who came fourth in 1963. You will be asked much more fun questions like:quiz-sample-question.pngPeoples, this is hi-tech Euro-quizzing. There are 20 questions…in a WORD document…some with illustrations in full colour!

So go ahead! Get in the spirit of the ESC!

belarus 2009

For Eurovision silly quiz CLICK on PETR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well meaning advice: Print it out and blu tack it to the walls at your next Eurovision party. Get your friends to do their best. I recommend handing out prizes.  IKEA is good. I have absolutely no affiliation with them but, well, they’re Swedish. And cost-effective. And you can get candles and cushions and boxes and mirrors and stuff that everyone can use. Well, except at one of our parties a few years ago when a quiz winner I shall call ‘Kevin’ won an IKEA watering can I shall call ‘Blumt’ but lived in an apartment I shall call ‘plant free’. Oh well.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Oh, for answers CLICK on VERKA (or ‘Verk’ as I call her…actually I just made that up)

Good luck!